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Attention all girls aged 14-15!

Palmyra Rugby is excited to announce that we are starting a junior girls U15 rugby team for the 2023 season. Not only will you get to compete in a fun round robin competition every Friday night starting May 5th, but you will also have the opportunity to train with our Women’s coaches and Junior DOR Harry Poi on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Playing team sports like rugby union has numerous benefits for girls, including building confidence, developing leadership skills, improving physical fitness and coordination, and creating lifelong friendships. Plus, rugby is a great way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically while having a blast on the field.

If you're interested in playing, coaching, or managing our junior girls’ team, please reach out to Harry Poi or Tony Berson for more information. Come join us for a safe and friendly environment to learn and grow as a rugby player and a person. Let's tackle this season together!

Tony Berson 0409433455

Harry Poi 0415578164

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