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Preseason 2023

For any new or returning players who are involved or are interested in playing Premier Grade or Reserve Grade, pre-season training commences in January for the 2023 Rugby WA season. See the details below for preseason training:

Start Date: Tuesday, 10th January 2022
Training Nights: Tuesday and Thursday
Training Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Venue: Tompkins Park

Information on pre-season training for both Third or Fourth grade players will be posted soon after discussion with the respective coaches. Watch out for the announcement which will be posted soon!

Note: When attending training, please ensure that you abide by the WA Government public health and social measures introduced for Perth and that are in place at the time for COVID-19. If you have any COVID symptoms do not attend training. Bring your own water bottle!

For information about joining contact Darren Reed -

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